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July 15, 2010

The difference between swedes and turnips

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The difference between swedes & turnips is evident when you see the two side by side. The turnip is smaller, smoother & rounder than the swede. Swedes have a whiter flesh than swedes.





Swedes came from Sweden and were known as the Swedish turnip- & this name was shortened to Swede.  Swedes are frost proof, but turnips are not – so swedes can stay in the garden all winter & turnips must be harvested before the cold weather.

Swede – Latin name Brassica napus napobrassica

  • swedes are bigger than turnips
  • yellow/orange flesh
  • roughish, coarser skin
  • larger than turnips – more like an elongated coconut in size, or an adult shoe!
  • crop over a very long time
  • can be left in the soil throughout the winter
  • withstand heavy frosts when in the ground
  • sweet, mild taste
  • originated from Sweden
  • have a collar
  • related to turnips

Turnip – Latin name Brassica rapa

  • turnips are a fast growing crop, ready five to eight weeks from sowing to harvesting
  • smaller than swedes – usually golf ball size or a little larger
  • white flesh
  • smooth, silky skin
  • round shape
  • require a higher level of fertility than swedes because grow faster
  • crop earlier than swedes
  • cannot stand hard frosts so must be lifted from ground in autumn

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