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July 15, 2011

Big Butterfly Count 16th – 31st July 2011

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The Big Butterfly Count  is taking place from 16th – 31st  July 2011.



The big butterfly countis a nationwide survey to assess the health of our environment.  The numbers of butterflies continue to decline, & this survey will help work out what is going on in the butterfly world.  Climate change is warming up the UK & we are seeing some new species.  The hummingbird hawk moth usually  lives in Africa, but we are getting more sightings of it in the UK.  We actually saw one in our garden this week.  It has a very long probosis, which it holds straight out in front of it when it is feeding on our Lilly flowers.  It flaps its wings so fast while it hovers to feed, that you can hear a humming noise.  Sitings in 2011 can be seen by clicking this link:



To take part:

  • Download and print out the Butterfly Chart  from the Big Butterfly Count  site to help you identify and record the butterflies you spot.
  • Count butterflies for 15 minutes during bright (preferably sunny) weather from 16th  - 31st July.
  • Send in your results to 


The survey is run by the charity Butterfly Conservation to encourage sustainable agriculture and help to protect the environment.   We have 59 species of butterfly in the British Isles and over 75% of these are in decline.



Butterflies are beautiful and vital to the health of our environment.


Butterflies have suddenly appeared in our garden in the last few days so we should have a decent number  to report to the Big Butterfly Count taking place from 16th – 31st July 2011!

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  1. Yesterday, I saw large & small white, common blue, peacock, tortoiseshell, gatekeeper, meadown brown, comma & marbled white butterflies in my garden, which is not big (40′ long, by 27′ wide) ~ I do grow a lot of flowers, including buddleja, calendula, larkspur, mignonette, all of which seem popular with butterflies. Have to admit that it was over a longer period than 15 minutes.

    Comment by Malcolm Allison — July 23, 2010 @ 7:27 pm

  2. Hi Malcolm

    That is quite a count! This must be the peak time for butterflies this summer- we had masses of small whites on our catmint & small geraniums today.

    Thanks for telling us about the great variety of butterflies you have – what a lovely time of year!

    ps. still enjoying the midwinter broad beans!

    Comment by TopVeg — July 23, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

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