Gardening Resources

We have some gardening resources listed below that you may find useful.  Click on the links for more information.

  • Free Vegetable Growing Cards To Download  Sara over at FarmingFriends and I have created a series of grow cards with handy hints and tips on when and how to grow various vegetables. The grow cards can easily be downloaded and printed for easy reference in the veg garden.


  • How To Grow Herbs For Cooking – eBook  At a cost of only £4.00 the How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook will provide you with information about:
      • how to grow herbs,
      • sizes of herbs,
      • growing herbs in containers,
      • when to plant the herbs,
      • best location for planting,
      • suitable soil types,
      • when to harvest,
      • how to preserve herbs and
      • their culinary uses.


  • Analysis Of Your Garden Soil Send us a sample of your own garden soil for analysis.  We will then give you a detailed interpretation of the results, as well as fertiliser recommendations for either fruit, vegetables, ornamentals or lawns.We offer 2 levels of soil analysis for garden soil:
    1. broad spectrum analysis
    2. basic analysis


  • Midwinter Broad Bean Seed  This exciting new strain is characterised by flowers in shades of pink & red with red seeds, or seeds that turn purple at maturity.   £2.50 for 12 seeds, plus £1 postage & packing. .


  • Plant Consultant Malcolm Allison  Malcolm understands what plants will go where & which plants:
    • are locally appropriate
    • are in keeping with the character of the garden
    • will do well on particular soils, different aspects & climates

    With a wealth of knowledge of garden plants, including old varieties of fruit trees, Malcolm is able to:

    • audit your garden
    • tell you what is interesting and rare
    • suggest what to do next


  • Gardening for Health and Well Being – a 5-part guide.  With the steady rise of metal health issues, have written a comprehensive guide that discusses why gardening is excellent for general health and wellbeing. The guide covers the physical and mental health benefits, as well as practical gardening tips and advice.