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July 22, 2009

Agastache ‘Tangerine Dreams’

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Agastache ‘Tangerine Dreams’  by Malcolm Allison   plant consultant.

These are the Mexican Mint bushes; they are herbaceous perennials & have slightly greyish foliage that is distinctly scented of mint, maybe with a bit of aniseed.They grow about 60cm tall & flower for months on end from June until the frosts. 



There are a number of named cultivars, including ‘Firebird’ & ‘Glowing Embers’, but there’s very little to choose between them, colourwise; ‘Tangerine Dreams’ is possibly a little paler than the other two.

They’ll grow best in a sunny, well-drained spot. Now, here’s the down side: while they experience severe winter cold in their native habitat, they hate winter wet ~ in my garden, 3 winters out of 4, the out door plants collapse in April; so it’s a matter of overwintering cuttings.  The plants do produce seed & the seedling will flower in their first year, but you get a much bigger & earlier flowering plant if you start off with cuttings in the spring.
There are a number of purple- & blue-flowered Agastaches (A. foeniculum, A. rugosum); they tend to be hardier than the orange ones, but they’re a bit dowdy.
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