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How to Cook Beetroot

To Prepare  Beetroot for cooking: Pull the Beetroot when they are on the small side, as they have a better taste & texture.  The ideal size is that of a golf ball up to a cricket ball size. Twist off
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Thinning Out Beetroot

The Beetroot (latin name – Beta vulgaris), variety – Bolthardy, was sown on 15 May & is ready for thinning. Before thinning: * It is important to consider the size of root required. If baby beet are desired for salads
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Beetroot sown in the Chef’s Plot

One row of beetroot was sown in the Chef’s Plot this morning. The seeds were sown: in a shallow row 1cm deep 15cm apart The seeds were covered lightly with soil and watered in. The variety of beetroot was Bulls
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