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June 20, 2013

Australia- Carrots?

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These carrots from Australia are proof that they can grow carrots down under.



I am very proud of my godson who sent me this photo of the carrots that he has grown in Australia.

May 12, 2013

Chef plants Carrots

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The Chef has planted one row of Nandor carrots in the Plot.

Nandor is a first class F1 carrot variety which produces high quality carrots.

Nandor  carrots are:

  • very uniform and stumpy
  • with a clean, smooth skin
  • a deep orange colour
  • cylindrical roots 15 – 18 cm long and 2.5 – 4 cm in diameter
  • strong in the top
  • easy to pull out of the ground
  • resistant to carrot fly

Nandor carrots taste sweet and have a wonderful flavour. They are very good cooked or eaten raw in salads.


The latin name of carrot is Daucus carota. Nandor is a popular variety of carrot.

October 20, 2012

Anyone can grow carrots & parsnips!

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Gill has just sent in this photo saying :  

Proof that if I can grow a prize winning carrot and parsnip anyone can!! You can use on TopVeg as proof of how helpful your website is : )

novice grower

novice grower

Thanks Gill!  I know you took up vegetable gardening four years ago.  Haven't you done well! Your photo will inspire new gardeners - knowing that anyone can grow carrots & parsnips!

May 26, 2010

Winter Carrots fill May Gap

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Winter Carrots are filling the ‘hungry gap’ we have in May, when the winter veg have finished and the new plantings are still immature.  The carrots we planted in early winter are just coming into their own.



The winter carrots taste delicious.  The foliage is still very healthy.



The problem is they are in the way.  The bed is needed to plant some veg for late summer – so we are giving some away.



Our neighbour has an oversupply of spring cabbage, hence we are doing a swap!  Not only are the winter carrots filling the May gap, they are also fostering neighbourly relations!

March 10, 2010

How to Grow Carrots

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How to grow carrots in the vegetable garden:



  • carrots like a sunny spot
  • dig soil in autumn & break soil down to fine, crumbly seedbed before sowing


  • sow outdoors from March to August – if in  March cover with cloche
  • sow every 3 weeks for a continuous suppy 
  • sow thinly – mix seed with sand to make it easier
  • sow in rows 1.5cm deep with 30cm  between rows


  • thin seedlings, when large enough to handle, so 6 cm apart


  • keep well watered
  • pull weeds as they appear
  • pull carrots when they are large enough, as required


January 28, 2010

Sow carrot seed now

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Carrots are hardy enough to start sowing the seed right now.

  • the soil must be dry
  • if  it is wet, cover the soil for a week or two to keep the rain off
  • carrot seed can be sown directly into the ground outside & does not need any protection

Click this link to buy carrot seed to sow now.



December 28, 2009

Carrot variety: Créme de Lite F1 Hybrid

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We have grown the Carrot variety : Créme de Lite F1 Hybrid in a raised bed.

This carrot prefers:

  • well-drained
  • moist
  • rich
  • cool conditions.


The carrots were:

  • sown at 4 weekly intervals
  • in May and June
  • harvested since July
  • also pulled on Christmas Day, as shown in the photo

Carrot variety: Créme de Lite is:

  • delicious
  • creamy skinned
  • with long tapering roots
  • juicy & sweet
  • good cooked, remaining firm
  • full of nutrients and vitamins, including vitamins C, E, K and folate as well as lutein, an antioxidant


Click the link to buy some  Carrot Créme de Lite seed.

The Carrot variety: Créme de Lite F1 Hybrid is an exceptional carrot, well worth growing.  What carrot varieties have you grown?

October 10, 2009

Autumn Sowing Carrot

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Carrot Nantes Frubund is the first genuine autumn sowing carrot, exceptionally early and cold resistant.


The seed for Carrot Nantes Frubund can be sown up to the end of October.  The advantage of an autumn sowing carrot is that it will be ready to pull early in the spring.

August 27, 2009

How to grow carrots without pests

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Ros has sent a cry for help:

How can we grow carrots without the dreaded pests. Think it’s carrot fly, but not sure. For two years now we have had to cut alot of (holes & black marks) away to be able to eat what’s left.
We only grow in one 3m x 3m raised bed.

TopVeg replied:

It is tragic to loose your carrots to pests – our sympathies.

It does sound like carrot fly.



There are 3 things you can do to protect your carrots grown in raised beds:

1. grow varieties resistant to carrot fly- such as

  • Resistafly – mid to late season use
  • Flyaway – early
  • Early Nantes – suitable for early sowing under glass

2. Raise the sides of your beds to over 2 foot – Carrot fly travel close to the ground, and a barrier 2 foot high will interupt their flight path, forcing the fly to take another route. If carrots are planted in a container at least 2 foot off the ground, the carrot flies will just zoom past the side of the container, and not bother the carrots growing inside.

3. Cover the beds with enviromesh which will keep the flies out. This has transformed our carrot growing & would be easy to do with your beds.

Hope that helps!

Growing Carrots on Heavy Soil in the Vegetable Garden

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It is difficult, if not impossible, to grow carrots on heavy soil in the vegetable garden. It is hard to produce a seed bed, with very small soil crumbs, suitable to enable the carrot seed to germinate. When it rains the soil goes like concrete, and then when it dries out, it cracks.

On our heavy soil we have incorporated coarse sand to make it more friable. The sand particles help to keep the clay particles apart. You need a lot of coarse sand to have any effect. You need so much that it is not really practical.

Adding a lot of organic matter does not solve the problem, because you need to add so much to have any effect.

Carrots have always been grown on sandy soils, or sandy-loams. But gardeners with heavy soil could try growing carrots in a container – which can be filled with the perfect growing medium!

Containers make it possible to grow carrots on heavy soil in the vegetable garden.

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